Overcoming Burnout and Finding Motivation: A Few Personal Reflections

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with personal reflections on overcoming burnout and finding motivation. Discover the challenges of breaking free from routine and the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness. Join me in navigating the complexities of recovery, taking baby steps towards change, and embracing the discomfort that leads to personal growth. Explore the power of letting go, accepting change, and living fully every day.

Dhara Castilho

12/8/20233 min read

green leaves and yellow flowers
green leaves and yellow flowers

The difficulty of breaking free from a routine

Sometimes it's easy to get lost. We think we are in control of our lives, but in reality, we are being controlled. This year, I really thought I was making it. I started with an amazing daily routine, full of outdoor exercises, time for my hobbies and eating healthy. But then I blinked and four months passed, and I was drowning in burnout from my work, with no will to do anything. I wasn't living anymore, I was surviving.

I am not sure how this started. How did I allow it to start, anyway? I honestly don't know. I think we just can't control most part of our lives, and that's ok. However, it doesn't mean we should accept everything blindly, and there're always things that we can change. It doesn't matter right now how I ended up in this situation, but instead what am I going to do to recover my motivation.

Don't get me wrong – I didn't figure out anything! Everything I am doing are just trial and error, but I guess that's life, right? We are not meant to know how to do things, the most important part is trying and learning with our steps. What I did learn in 2023 is that I don't want to stay the rest of my life feeling drowned. I don't want to wake up every day just to go to work, scroll endlessly on my Instagram account and go to sleep just to start another day. Gladly, we are never too late to start over.

The need for mindfulness and self-awareness

I don't think it's going to be an easy road, tho. I still feel very burnt out and it's really hard to find motivation to keep things going, but hey – at least I am aware of this now! I think I always knew, if I am being honest, but I was in denial. I want to change my life. So why not start with baby steps? First, I am here talking about this. For someone that just never expose their feelings, this is actually a very big step, and I am proud of myself for the courage to do it!

Maybe I won't make it every day. Still, I will try my best.

The importance of letting go and accepting change

It takes courage to live fully every single day of our lives, it's so much easier to just follow the flow! Though the easiest way is not always the best and most fulfilling; there is something about fighting and conquering, a feeling that is not easy to replace. And trust me, it is worth it! There is a few things in life that only the discomfort can bring, and usually, they are the most precious ones we can ever had.

So I will embrace the discomfort. I will let this force move me towards what truly matters to me, change me, and challenge me to climb higher mountains. I will not let fear and conformity slowly suffocate me. The caterpillar can't become a butterfly without the discomfort of the chrysalis!

Indeed, we are not in control of anything. Nature and life have their own flow, and just like the Autumn invites the trees to let go of old leaves and animals to prepare for the winter, it invites us to let go of things that are not good for us anymore and accept that sometimes we do need to slow down. So I won't fight against this.

I don't want this place to be another Self-Help blog with general tips. This place is my shelter. Is where I can just talk, without worries, reflect upon my life and build some precious memories for myself. If you feel inspired with that, that's great news! I hope I can touch your heart just a little bit, and if you want to stick around with me, please be welcomed!

If you manage to get until this part, thank you very much for reading! I hope this can inspire you somehow ♥️

Overcoming Burnout and Finding Motivation: A Few Personal Reflections